Extra Programs

Our approach to extended afternoon, enrichment and camp programs is a reflection of our genuine passion for providing a holistic education and wraparound care along with supporting parents balance work and family requirements. Such a strong commitment is vital for our nurseries to be truly great.

Extended programs are designed to support learning and development, promote healthy lifestyles and enable us to connect with the wider community.

We welcome both registered and non-registered children to our extended programs and work with a team of dedicated and trained professionals in their field to provide top-tier programs.

Afternoon Club

Our high-quality daily afternoon clubs far exceed a simple extension of our regular nursery programs, by providing clearly differentiated environments of varied activities enabling children to pursue their own interests.

The structure and rhythm of our daily afternoon programs allows children to engage with a range of developmentally challenging and interesting activities whilst also build upon personal and socialisation skills through play opportunities.

A balanced schedule of activities covers both adult and child initiated and directed activities along with individual and group time. Activities include physical activity (ball games, climbing, dance and drama), music (instrumental and song), science and technology (construction, woodwork, ICT), art (drawing, painting, collage) and language and literacy (book appreciation, role play), cooking, gardening and external visits and excursions.

We also value the importance of offering opportunities for rest through our designated sleeping rooms and rest areas for yoga and quiet contemplation. Children are able to enjoy snack times and socialisation with their friends in a relaxed setting.

Our afternoon programs are led by our passionate early year’s educators and provide the consistency of learning and caregiving to children throughout the nursery day. Talents possessed by our teams of educators are both celebrated and nurtured in the nursery and frequently form part of our exciting afternoon programs.

Timings: Sunday – Thursday (13.00 - 18.00)

Enrichment Program

Our enrichment programs offer parents a choice of more specialised sessions and a selection from our broad range of activities. They are a popular platform which engage children in specific skills and knowledge along with engagement in the wider community.

We value enrichment as a fantastic way to increase children’s enjoyment of learning and nursery life whilst also fostering an inclusive, community spirit within the nursery. Developing children’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural strengths allows them to succeed in education and life. Enrichment helps children to develop their interests and abilities, provides valuable learning experiences and promotes independence and interpersonal links with others.

We are exceptionally proud of each of our nursery’s unique enrichment programs which are both responsive to children’s interests and parental contribution. We work in close collaboration with professionals in their field of expertise to provide rich and full programs inclusive of ballet, taekwondo, piano, horse-riding, mini chef and etc. We closely monitor the number of children in each session to ensure quality interaction.

Enrichment Programs run daily for approximately 30 minutes to an hour session.


Our top rate camps offer consistency to education and care throughout the academic year.

We believe our camps provide children with the opportunity to engage with a variety of educators that will nurture experiential education and result in a different style of learning.

During our camps children have the opportunity to form relationships through first-hand experiences with trained, caring adult role models and experience a sense of achievement in a supervised, safe and positive environment as a result.

Our camp leaders and educators are equipped to convey teachable moments in a variety of activities whilst also developing and building upon personal skills. These competencies will help shape a successful future for children.

There are many benefits to the experience of our camps including confidence building, independence, social skills, exploring talents. Children are constantly tackling new activities and acquiring skills all of which are excellent ways for them to grow and learn in a holistic manner.

Our camps have excellent schedules covering all areas of learning and development and planned innovative activities with experts in their field. Camps run daily with flexible session from 07.00-18.00 during the Spring, Summer and Winter vacation periods.

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