Unlocking the Future: Setting the Momentum for Future-Ready Children

Launching our series of Parenting Seminars at Redwood Center of Excellence, on Saturday 04 November, we were delighted to welcome two global education experts to discuss the topic of ‘Unlocking the Future: Setting the Momentum for Future-Ready Children.

Parents joined us for an engaging and insightful panel discussion where we explored the two complementary methods which guide Redwood’s innovative approach to education and childhood development.  Both the Montessori and Reggio Emilia Approach have a shared image of a child with voice and choice and accompanying teaching styles support a child’s holistic development.

Jesse McCarthy (USA) founder of and The Montessori Education Podcast discussed the value of a Montessori Education as a ‘Preparation for Life’ with as much relevance for the future as the Method has for over century.  Jesse, with a 20-year background in Montessori education, shared the boundless potential of each child to flourish when the conditions for development are right.  Parents explored key areas of the Montessori Curriculum and Jesse shared invaluable advice for parents to increase their involvement with everyday acts with their children.

Debi Keyte-Hartland (UK) expert in the Reggio Emilia Approach, international arts educator, TEDx Speaker and Early Childhood Pedagogical Consultant, shared key insights into ‘Thinking Differently through a 100 Languages’.  Parents were treated to a rare opportunity of seeing the world through a child’s eyes!  They gained a deeper understanding of the plethora of expressive means with which children represent and convey their ideas as they try to comprehend the world in which they live.  Our team of Educators at Redwood also benefited from Debi’s expertise as she delivered inspiring Professional Development Workshops to deepen their knowledge and skills in the approach.

Parents had the opportunity to participate in a lively and engaging Q&A session with both Jesse and Debi, who answered many questions across the topics of schooling, parenting and community projects.  Everyone left feeling very inspired and ‘future ready.’  

We look forward to announcing our next Parenting Seminar soon.