Health & safety

Healthy food
Setting lifelong healthy habits at an early age
Nurture a lifelong love for healthy eating in your child. Understanding the profound link between nutrition and brain growth, we exclusively supply our nurseries with carefully chosen, nutrient-dense food. From the very start, we instill the importance of good nutrition in our children, fostering habits that build the foundation of their lifelong wellness. With KFG, your child receives not just meals, but an education in health that will serve them throughout their lives.
Dedicated nurses
On-site qualified nurses ready to act
Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child is always safe. Each of our nurseries features a fully equipped medical room and dedicated on-site nurse, ready to respond instantly to any situation. Moreover, our staff are all certified in pediatric first aid, backed by comprehensive in-house training. With a qualified Lead Nurse overseeing our well-appointed clinics, you can be confident that your child's health is in capable hands at all times.
Safeguarding Hygiene
Safeguarding children with eco-friendly hygiene protocols
Relentless in our pursuit of a safe and clean environment, KFG implements stringent hygiene protocols. We go above and beyond, choosing eco-friendly cleaning products that eliminate germs yet are gentle on our planet. Our hygiene measures are designed to safeguard your child against disease, ensuring they can learn and play in a pristine setting. Amidst the current situation, we also remain vigilant, continually adapting our protocols in line with the latest health guidance.
Compliance & regulation
Setting the standard for quality & safety
Ensure your child thrives in a setting that exemplifies the highest standards of safety and care. At KFG, compliance with regulatory standards is more than just a necessity—it's an embodiment of our unwavering commitment to top-tier childcare. Strictly adhering to educational and health guidelines, we go beyond what's expected, continually meeting and exceeding safety norms. Regular inspections and audits validate our efforts, assuring you that your child's well-being is always prioritised.
Happy parents
Discover testimonials from countless satisfied parents who've witnessed their children thrive with KFG's tailored learning approaches. We're committed to nurturing independent, free-thinking individuals who excel academically and secure places in top-tier schools.