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Fostering individuality through personalised early learning
Give your child the best chance in life by maximising their potential at an early age. Our early learning practitioners, all native English speakers with specialised backgrounds in early learning and personalised education, go beyond standard teaching. They're uniquely equipped to identify and cultivate the inherent talents in your child. Our small class sizes ensure individualised attention and a personalised learning journey. When you choose KFG, you're placing your child's growth in the hands of a team that truly understands and values their individuality.
I've been trusting this nursery for nearly 5 years, since my eldest was little (precovid era) and now my youngest has also been in this nursery too. As a parent, I obviously love this nursery. The staff treats everyone as family. People always smile and in such good energy. It has such a positive atmosphere and believe me, this is kind of environment that you want your kids to spend time in. They are very communicative, engaging, and caring. Top notch quality!
Nining Setya Ningrum Odyssey Reggio Preschool - Dubai
Fully accredited with a highly educated team
Award-winning nurseries for world-class learning
Empower your child's future at KFG, where education meets dedication. Our award-winning preschools have earned the 'Great Place to Work' certificate, showcasing our commitment to building an exceptional place to work for our team members. Our expert team is composed of early learning practitioners and educators with a wide range of BA, MA, and Cache Level 3 qualifications and beyond, signifying their adeptness in personalized early childhood care. Consistently outperforming global benchmarks in parent satisfaction surveys, KFG is not just promising world-class education; we live it on a daily basis.
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Our management team
Committed to every child's success
The management team at KFG embodies a shared vision of revolutionising early education. Our leaders, many of whom are parents themselves, inspire and nurture a community committed to helping each child discover their fullest potential. Their collective decades of experience shape an environment that is nurturing, stimulating, and filled with joy. Each child at KFG is encouraged to explore, learn, and grow in a community that lays the foundation for their future happiness and success. Experience our innovative approach firsthand when you visit our nurseries.
Our early learning practitioners
Nurturing growth through trusting relationships
Effective mentoring in early childhood hinges on establishing trust. Our early learning practitioners, handpicked for their exceptional qualifications and compassionate approach, form deep, trusting bonds with your child, transforming education into an enjoyable exploration. In the intimate setting of our small classes, your child will bask in the warmth of personalised attention. They'll sense the affection and thrive, on the love, fostering a fertile ground for faster learning and free exploration. Their confidence will soar, preparing them to take on the world with ease.
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Happy parents
Discover testimonials from countless satisfied parents who've witnessed their children thrive with KFG's tailored learning approaches. We're committed to nurturing independent, free-thinking individuals who excel academically and secure places in top-tier schools.
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