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Children flourish when they receive personalised guidance. At Kids First Group, we provide our students with the individualised support they need to get off to the best start in life.

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Give your child the ultimate early learning experience, setting them up for a life of success. Over more than a decade, KFG has nurtured and celebrated thousands of young minds through their unique learning journeys.

Sculpted by the diligent care and expertise of more than a thousand committed professionals across our 32 nurseries, we strive each day to present children with an advantage—propelling them ahead from the start, facilitating their entrance into top-tier schools, and enhancing their learning experiences to the fullest. From adopting healthy learning habits to providing personalized attention in small-sized classrooms catered to their individual personalities, our learning methods are globally revered and promise to support your child wherever life takes them.

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“My daughter loves going to Redwood. The teachers tailor their approach to her, which is different from any other nursery we’ve been to!”

Child-First Approach

The importance of science
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Experience the forefront of early learning

The first 5 years of your child’s life are the most important for their future. Research shows the quality of these experiences, positive or negative, shapes the years to come. At KFG, we cultivate a world where your child is encouraged to explore, supported by the nurturing care that solidifies their early development. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide this ideal balance between structure and freedom, stimulating both their learning and unique passions. Click below to browse through some of our environments.

Some of the many benefits:
  • Cultivate self-esteem
  • Create a positive self-image
  • Foster emotional intelligence
  • Boost basic logic abilities

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Focusing On The Child

During the first year, a baby's brain undergoes astonishing growth, making the stimuli they experience profoundly impactful. At KFG, we inspire your child to explore confidently, supplying them with the gentle, nurturing care that establishes the cornerstones of early education. 

Our calm environment actively supports this unparalleled curiosity, guiding them to investigate, understand, and blossom.

Toddlers are naturally curious and eager to immerse themselves in real-world activities. Our nurturing environment and experienced early learning practitioners foster this intrinsic curiosity, enabling them to explore, learn, and grow. We facilitate interactions that satisfy their curiosity, enhance their sensory skills, and ultimately accelerate their early development, all while they immerse themselves in meaningful and playful learning experiences.

As children's primary senses like touch and vision mature, KFG seeds a lifelong affinity for learning and confidence in their abilities. Our methodology involves immersive reading, writing, creative play, and cooperative activities, allowing children to explore at their rhythm, enhancing independence and resilience.

“Being a part of the KFG team has been incredibly rewarding. The team is supportive, the environment is inspiring, and the company really values our input. It feels more like a family than a workplace.”

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Our nurseries have been carefully designed to prioritise your child's needs, providing them with numerous advantages supported by research. Each of our nursery brands has its own distinctive approach, using proven teaching methods tailored to match your child's individual personality and learning style.

As a result, we provide unparalleled early education in Qatar and in the UAE, nurturing children to develop into remarkable individuals and later ensuring access to exceptional education worldwide and adaptation to life beyond this region.

“Redwood Montessori isn’t only a nursery with staff, but felt like home and family to my little one. They teach the children life skills which for me is the most important thing about education. Communication was prompt through messages/ emails and calls and they always accommodated the children according to their needs. We moved here mid term and the team helped my child settle in very smoothly. The teacher Ms Kavita was exceptionally empathetic and warm and all the children loved her!”
Emmie F Redwood Nursery - Garhoud - Dubai

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We're here to facilitate your search by listening to your needs as a family and keeping you informed on all the criteria that matter when making one of the most important decisions in your child's life.

Get in touch with our team and we'll arrange a virtual or in-person tour for you to discover our nurseries.

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At Kids First Group, your child's success is our utmost passion. We pledge to provide daily updates, tailor the educational style to your child's unique personality, and guarantee our team's unwavering dedication. By investing 110% of our love and attention, we promise to foster an environment where your child thrives. Our numerous glowing reviews from satisfied KFG parents stand testament to our commitment. Trust us to deliver a service that exceeds expectations, because at KFG, we put your child first.
“The teachers at Odyssey took the time to get to know my daughter and understand her personality. Then they created a custom approach to suit her gifts. Sophia’s growth has been amazing!”
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Discover testimonials from countless satisfied parents who've witnessed their children thrive with KFG's tailored learning approaches. We're committed to nurturing independent, free-thinking individuals who excel academically and secure places in top-tier schools.
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