World Children’s Day 2019

Children are the greatest promise for our future. If we hold this conviction to be true, we must take a good look as global citizens how we are contributing to their cause.  Kids First Group Nurseries celebrated World Children’s Day on November 20th by turning ‘blue’ in support of child rights and marking 30 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).   Nurseries were decorated in blue balloons; the children and staff also wore blue and many nurseries said a pledge and affirmed their belief that every child has fundamental rights and deserves respect.

A report which came out by UNICEF this year noted that more conflicts are raging today than at any time since the adoption of the CRC 30 years ago.  In their report there is a call to action nutrition, health, hygiene and education just to name a few highlighted areas which require urgency.  When the CRC was first established it envisioned a world in which all children will survive and thrive, learn and grow, make their voices heard and reach their full potential.  With growing disparities in wealth, safety and hygiene and overall political unrest, we as educators must carry the mantle and act as ambassadors for our children ensuring their voices are heard.

Kids First Group is committed to providing our children with the foundation needed to grow up to become resilient global citizens of the world.  A secure and nurturing childhood will ensure we narrow the gap on those disparities which too often leave millions of children behind.

Social accountability starts at the local level, and while global leaders are left to tackle the more complex issues such as poverty and health, educators are tasked with the responsibility to bring to light the importance of education.  Every child has a right to an education, and through grass roots initiatives and social media there are many opportunities to share education and knowledge and Kids First Group affirms that commitment on World Children’s Day to its community.