Welcome to Redwood Center of Excellence

The joy of learning starts early and flourishes in the right environment. 

Redwood Center of Excellence recently opened its doors in the conveniently located area of Al Barsha 2.  Here you will find traditional concepts of childhood and education being redefined and transformed to enable children to succeed in a new world era – preparing children to thrive in a future for which the jobs they will hold do not yet exist!

The approach of Redwood Center of Excellence is based on and backed by Science.  In the first five years of life, experiences and relationships stimulate children’s development, creating millions of connections in their brains.  In fact, children’s brains develop connections faster in the first five years than at any other time in their lives.

Redwood Center of Excellence believes young children learn best by doing or experiencing –through discovery and play.  They call this ‘active learning’ or ‘hands-on learning’ and it is an important characteristic of their high-quality ECEC method.   Stimulating and caring environments with lots of different activities give children plenty of ways to play, develop and learn and a multitude of opportunities to practise what they are learning.  Redwood Center of Excellence follows a unique model of education where they trust and nurture the child’s holistic development.

Redwood Center of Excellence’s upcoming Summer Camp looks set continue this bold vision with an epic 8-week adventure from July 4 to August 31.  Based on the theme of A Gateway to the Future weekly topics delivered by the Center’s Lead Educators delve deep into projects to support curious and growing minds including the Arts, Nature-based learning and Environmental Sustainability, Digital Technology, Science & Engineering, Young Leaders and even Entrepreneurship!

Designed for children from 45 days to 6 years, there is something for everyone! Redwood Center of Excellence boasts impressive world class facilities including a Sensory Room, STEM Makerspaces, Botanical Garden, Reggio Emilia Art Atelier & Piazzas, Music and Performing Arts Studio, Library and a spacious Gymnasium.  The outdoor environment is equally impressive with three dedicated state-of-the-art play spaces to nurture a love of nature and physical activity.

For those staying in Dubai this Summer, Redwood Center of Excellence Summer Camp promises the perfect balance between education and fun!

From 8am daily, 2-5 day options.

For more information, call 800CHILD or visit our website