The Power of Peace

The United Nations International Day of Peace occurred this past Saturday, September 21st with a call to action on Climate Change.   To commemorate Dr. Montessori’s upcoming 150th birthday celebration, and her mission for Global Peace, Redwood Montessori Nurseries marked International Day of Peace on Sunday, September 22nd by hosting a variety of workshops at our branches and engaging in numerous projects and activities that day with the children.

Maria Montessori was a proponent of social justice and supported the United Nations as a forum where peace can be created.  It is believed Montessori was the founder of Peace Education as she believed children had the ability to become agents of social change, compassionate members of a community and through the tenets prescribed by her teachings ultimately become global citizens of the world.

She lived in a time of global turmoil during both World Wars, however appearing before the UN she made the case for Peace and discerned that mankind would inevitably revert to war and that the only way the global community can avoid this is by educating our children and instilling values of global citizenship, social responsibility and tolerance.

Maria Montessori birthed a movement and developed a pedagogy which has now been in practice for over a century.  Research in Early Childhood Development and Education continues to share evidence that points to her philosophies and scientific observations that hold true even today.

Knowledge and values form the foundation of the human consciousness in the Montessori Pedagogy, and as we see today Peace Education and Social Justice remain an integral part of Maria Montessori’s Philosophy.