Raya & Nasser

Just wanted to let you know that we finished our parent teacher meeting with Ms. Salma and it went very well. We’re so happy with the overall interaction and wanted to also give you some feedback in general about Ms. Salma as well.

She has been extremely attentive to Laith and that has reflected very well at home as he constantly comes home sharing everything he learned. She also is very insightful at sharing solutions that we can implement at home which will reinforce the learnings at class. It goes without saying that she is very positive and has a strong can-do attitude when it comes to helping us which is really a breath of fresh air compared to other stories we hear from our friends. Not only is Laith learning his schoolwork from her, but also her positive approach which we are very lucky to have in his teacher.

As you know Laith has been at Redwood Palm for over a year and we were unsure whether he would do well at Casa Arabic (particularly since the teacher change in the first few weeks) but Ms. Salma really bridged that gap and he is always excited to come to class. Well done on having such quality teaching staff as that is really at the core of Laith’s learning experience. We hope that our youngest Zayn will also be lucky enough to have a similar learning experience when we enroll him.

Keep up the great work and see you soon!