From the moment Luke started attending the Odyssey nursery till the last day it was an incredible journey for him, and for me, as his parent.
It was heart-warming to watch Luke growing from a shy chubby baby into a curious, active and talkative boy who is not afraid to have new experiences and meet new friends.

We spent almost 3.5 years at Odyssey and every year was special, different and interesting in its own way. Various Costume-theme parties, national / international celebrations, book fares and school trips, amazing indoor and outdoor play areas created different world for our children boosting their imagination and free play.

Every single teacher, assistant, member of the staff made us feel welcome and warm. When I left Luke at nursery every morning, I had no fear that he would be comforted and very well looked after.

Luke’s last year was in the class of amazing teacher Ms Chane, Pebbles 2. It was a challenging Covid year for everyone, but all the teachers did an incredible job keeping their lessons as interesting and engaging as always during virtual and live classes. It takes a special kind of teacher to do that. So, thank you for all the support, love and care.

But above all, I would like to say a special THANK YOU to Ms Janet for holding my hand through this journey and never doubting that I can be a good parent. I’m still learning but quickly realising that being a parent can be as interesting and thrilling as being a child.
The Odyssey Nursery will always have a special place in our hearts.