Estelle and Waled

My husband and I couldn’t have found a better nursery than Willow. As a first-time mom, I was nervous about picking a nursery. Returning to work was daunting enough, and I felt guilty leaving my daughter. However, immediately on the first day, my daughter and family settled in right away. Flash forward to now we have two children in Willow, and we couldn’t be happier. The staff is fantastic. Everyone knows my children by name, and I can see the love and care each time we drop them off and pick them up. Likewise, when I am alone and walking to the car, one of the TAs always walks with me and helps with the kids without asking. They are incredibly thoughtful at the nursery. Likewise, other Willow parents are friendly during pickup and drop-off, and I usually find myself chatting with them while we wait. It is always a pleasant experience at Willow. Lastly, they have excellent communication with their parents. Teachers post photos and a report every day, both of which exhibit my children’s personalities. They will usually post little anecdotes about the day, and they always bring a smile to my face. Also, wherever an illness is going around, they are very transparent, which has helped keep my children and the other kids in the nursery safe and healthy. We are so happy with every aspect of our experience at Willow. We can see our children develop daily and are confident it comes from the care and attention they receive at Willow. I can’t recommend this nursery enough!