I just want to say the very BIGGEST THANK YOU to Team Odyssey Living Legends. The Nursery Manager Nour is an exceptional leader and a definite asset to Odyssey and the Kids First Group!

As a first time parent I obviously have come with a few concerns and the team has always made me feel at ease and looked into what was needed. Most importantly however is my son Romeo who has absolutely (especially lately) enjoyed the Summer Camp at Odyssey, the love and attention he received is exactly what he needed and has been given and I will always be eternally grateful for this!

Thank you team! This has definitely been the BEST summer camp.

Estelle and Waled

My husband and I couldn’t have found a better nursery than Willow. As a first-time mom, I was nervous about picking a nursery. Returning to work was daunting enough, and I felt guilty leaving my daughter. However, immediately on the first day, my daughter and family settled in right away. Flash forward to now we have two children in Willow, and we couldn’t be happier. The staff is fantastic. Everyone knows my children by name, and I can see the love and care each time we drop them off and pick them up. Likewise, when I am alone and walking to the car, one of the TAs always walks with me and helps with the kids without asking. They are incredibly thoughtful at the nursery. Likewise, other Willow parents are friendly during pickup and drop-off, and I usually find myself chatting with them while we wait. It is always a pleasant experience at Willow. Lastly, they have excellent communication with their parents. Teachers post photos and a report every day, both of which exhibit my children’s personalities. They will usually post little anecdotes about the day, and they always bring a smile to my face. Also, wherever an illness is going around, they are very transparent, which has helped keep my children and the other kids in the nursery safe and healthy. We are so happy with every aspect of our experience at Willow. We can see our children develop daily and are confident it comes from the care and attention they receive at Willow. I can’t recommend this nursery enough!


Thank you for your support with Lottie’s eating. I‘ve noticed a massive improvement in her reaction to new foods and willingness to try. This is 100% since she’s started with the Leela’s lunches and the encouragement from you. Thank you so much for the support and reinforcement, it’s really having such a positive impact. I think she’s even put on a little bit of weight too which I’m delighted about.


Today was Tameem’s last day at Redwood and I wanted to send you a special message to thank you for everything you have done in the past years. I couldn’t have wished for a better place to have my kids than Redwood Khalifa. And it is mostly because of you and your wonderful team. For six years, I passed by every morning to drop and pick up the kids knowing that I do not have to worry about them. They were safe, engaged, challenged and busy learning. Even during the pandemic I felt they were safe there and you offered parents the best support.

God bless you and your family. I wish you all the best!

Paola, Alvaro and Irene

Paola, Alvaro and Irene

Making the decision to send our daughter to Willow Children Nursery has been one of the best decisions of our life. My daughter started when she was 5 months and since the very first day I knew she was in good hands with professional people who would take care of her. Three years later, I must say that Willow became her second home, a place where she made her first friends, she learned to talk, to count, to draw, to play, to sing, to dance, to do yoga, to talk about art, science and read lots and lots of stories. Above all, she has been very happy all these years and we are so grateful to all her teachers, assistants, leadership and all the staff that make Willow the best nursery in Dubai. Snowdrops, Little Willows and Daisies, we will never forget those names. Thank you so much for all your support and for making such a great impact in our daughter’s first years of her life.

We will miss you. All the best.


From the moment Luke started attending the Odyssey nursery till the last day it was an incredible journey for him, and for me, as his parent.
It was heart-warming to watch Luke growing from a shy chubby baby into a curious, active and talkative boy who is not afraid to have new experiences and meet new friends.

We spent almost 3.5 years at Odyssey and every year was special, different and interesting in its own way. Various Costume-theme parties, national / international celebrations, book fares and school trips, amazing indoor and outdoor play areas created different world for our children boosting their imagination and free play.

Every single teacher, assistant, member of the staff made us feel welcome and warm. When I left Luke at nursery every morning, I had no fear that he would be comforted and very well looked after.

Luke’s last year was in the class of amazing teacher Ms Chane, Pebbles 2. It was a challenging Covid year for everyone, but all the teachers did an incredible job keeping their lessons as interesting and engaging as always during virtual and live classes. It takes a special kind of teacher to do that. So, thank you for all the support, love and care.

But above all, I would like to say a special THANK YOU to Ms Janet for holding my hand through this journey and never doubting that I can be a good parent. I’m still learning but quickly realising that being a parent can be as interesting and thrilling as being a child.
The Odyssey Nursery will always have a special place in our hearts.


Raya & Nasser

Just wanted to let you know that we finished our parent teacher meeting with Ms. Salma and it went very well. We’re so happy with the overall interaction and wanted to also give you some feedback in general about Ms. Salma as well.

She has been extremely attentive to Laith and that has reflected very well at home as he constantly comes home sharing everything he learned. She also is very insightful at sharing solutions that we can implement at home which will reinforce the learnings at class. It goes without saying that she is very positive and has a strong can-do attitude when it comes to helping us which is really a breath of fresh air compared to other stories we hear from our friends. Not only is Laith learning his schoolwork from her, but also her positive approach which we are very lucky to have in his teacher.

As you know Laith has been at Redwood Palm for over a year and we were unsure whether he would do well at Casa Arabic (particularly since the teacher change in the first few weeks) but Ms. Salma really bridged that gap and he is always excited to come to class. Well done on having such quality teaching staff as that is really at the core of Laith’s learning experience. We hope that our youngest Zayn will also be lucky enough to have a similar learning experience when we enroll him.

Keep up the great work and see you soon!

Brent & Meghan

It has been unbelievably rewarding as a parent to see the progress Jack made in the two years he spent at Redwood Al Bateen in the English / French track. From language development, to gross and fine motor skills and socialization; Redwood proved to be an incredible provider of early education. The teachers and support staff believe in the Montessori Method and are competent, thorough and enthusiastic in their approach to teaching very young children. As parents, we very much appreciated all the one on one attention our child received from teachers and classroom aides. Jack’s teacher provided regular feedback to us on his progress and was always available to answer questions or concerns. I found her willingness to share ways we could enhance Jack’s learning at home both refreshing and extremely helpful. Jack returned home at the end of each day incredibly excited about what he had learned, eager to share and very much stimulated by all the creative learning and outdoor activities.

As a healthcare provider, I found Redwood Al Bateen’s approach to the COVID-19 pandemic to be incredibly well organized, thorough and transparent. Safety of the staff and children is clearly their top priority. Regular communication from the nursery about what protocols were being put in place to keep everyone safe was greatly appreciated by us.

We have been nothing but happy to with our family’s experience at Redwood Al Bateen. I recommend it to all families of preschool age children in Abu Dhabi with absolutely no hesitation. Thank you, staff, teachers and teachers aides at Redwood Al Bateen!

Catalina, Mum of Dante


Tots Corner’s priority is definitely focused on being perfect for their children and as parents we get to witness this priority through our children’s love for this place. Tots Corner is simply amazing!

Dante joined Tots Corner in May 2018. After visiting many places it was a big relief to find this group of amazing people who make you feel at home while being so far away. From Alfred’s welcoming smile greeting you at the gate to the love, support and dedication from every staff member inside. This place represents the perfect atmosphere for any child.

Our family enjoyed very much seeing Dante so motivated and happy enjoying the different activities and conquering new challenges. In my opinion the characteristic that makes Tots Corner stand out from other nurseries is that many of these other places concentrate their effort on ‘looking’ perfect to the parents.

Aisha Alkhaja

The nursery team handled it well and made it special!

My son has just finished nursery and while we didn’t expect the ending to be like this, the nursery team handled it well and made it special. Since the government announced the closure of the nursery my sons teachers have been fab. We’ve been sent regular videos both educational and fun a few times a week. This has not only enabled Lawrence to keep up with the work but also see the familiar faces that he loves so much. Redwood really did adapt fast and support the parents and students during these strange times. It has been an absolute pleasure and solidified to us even more that we definitely made the right choice for our sons nursery.