Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)

At Kids Fist Group, we recognize every child as an individual who has unique needs that will affect their learning and development.

We are committed to equal inclusion and if children find learning more challenging than others, we aim to source the right support which enables them to achieve their potential.

Through early identification, training, implementation of strategies with Early Years practitioners, and through supporting parents, we aim to enable children with additional needs to be fully included in our nursery provision.

In some cases, these needs will have already been identified before they start their nursery school years, and in other cases, we identify it ourselves through observation. Each of our nurseries is supported by a SEND Coordinator who provides expert help concerning special educational needs.

SEND Services offered by KFG

  • Screening Playgroup
    Children that may have a delay in their speech development, language, or communication skills can meet with our SEND team (with their parents) to identify and discuss long-term strategies and goals for the future.
  • Language Therapist
    Private assessment to recommend certain support strategies.
  • Peer Coaching
    Specialist SEND practitioner works with our nurseries to implement strategies and model activities to support children with special needs.
  • Parents Connect
    A parent support group focused on building communities and creating safe spaces for parents with special needs children.