Redwood Nursery to Open in Dafna Soon!

Redwood Montessori Nursery will be one of the first 100% Montessori Nursery in Doha. It is located in Dafna near to the Ghana embassy, French school and West Bay Lagoon.

It will provide a unique experience for each child based on their individual needs. Children will be free to explore and learn based on their interests allowing them to make choices throughout their day.  This allows children to become independent learners giving them a lifetime love of learning. Children will leave us confident, independent and creative and well prepared for their educational journey ahead.

Parents and staff work together to create a home away from home nursery that always has an open-door policy where parents are involved and feel welcome.

We are currently renovating with the experience of the child in mind to make sure we offer the highest standard possible. The outdoors will be one of the best highlights of our nursery with a planting area, sand, water and wooden play equipment. Our nursery will also have an indoor gym and sensory room that the children will spend time in daily.

All of our learning will be hands-on with concrete Montessori materials. Children will learn through doing and experiences which is most important in the early years.

Our vision is to provide the highest possible care, love and support to children to allow them to grow at their own pace by working together with families.