A warm yet stimulating environment, A home from home.

The importance of making your child feel welcome and cared for in safe and loving surroundings. Our well trained and approachable staff ensure children and parents are valued and welcomed into our nursery settings. We ensure that effective communication is paramount so that parents and their children feel comfortable talking to and asking for information from our staff.

Children depend on us to provide them with the most nurturing physical and emotional environments possible therefore it is important to create warm, loving, sensory rich settings where their physical, emotional and spiritual needs are recognised and honoured.

Our commitment to Kids First parents and children is to provide them with the knowledge that they will receive the best possible care and early years education available. Every child is made to feel valued and ‘special’, this is vital for their physical, social and emotional health and well being. Being acknowledged by important people in their lives helps children gain confidence and helps them to build strong and secure attachments.

Relationships within the nursery settings are vital to ensure the well being of every child’s basic needs.

A nurturing environment is one that gives children opportunities to discover themselves and the world around them.

Practitioners at Kids First settings are carefully chosen for not only their academic qualifications but for their sensitivity and diversity in dealing with parents and children from all cultures and backgrounds..