KFG’s Immersive Summer Camps 2021

There is no denying that summer has definitely started – AC is blasting, roads are quieter, malls are busy and parents are sharing ideas for how to keep kids entertained for the next few months. But have no fear because Kids First Group is here for you and has created the best immersive summer camp for your child!

Our nurseries have transformed into themed adventure zones with an array of specially designed educational activities to ensure your kids have fun throughout the summer! Each nursery has a different theme and the entire nursery is completely transformed to transport you to another world so that you don’t have to leave the UAE this summer!

Redwood Nurseries & Tots Corner Nursery are exploring the 7 Wonders of the World. Children will go on an immersive adventure, learning all about different facets of life and ecosystems in various countries which are home to the famous 7 wonders. From the sights and exotic smells of India to the fascinating artifacts of ancient Egypt, children’s 5 senses will be taken on a journey of adventure and wonder. They will also learn about the vivid corals and sea life inhabiting the Great Barrier Reef, investigate the layers of the rainforest’s ecosystem and be in awe of the tombs and temples carved into the pink sand cliffs of Petra.

Tots Corner Summer camp

Odyssey Nurseries are Diving into the Underwater World. Using the Reggio approach, each week children will learn about different elements relating to oceans and seas. Children will even adopt sea turtles, learn about the importance of ocean conservation to keep the habitats of turtles and other animals safe.

Willow Nurseries are hosting a Summer Spectacular with varied weekly themes of entertainment including magic, dance, music, circus and art. Expect your children to come home and show you new hula hoop moves, dance routines, homemade instruments, fireworks in a jar, circus acts such as juggling and magic tricks!

Willow Summer Camp
Willow Summer Camp

Ladybird Nurseries are going Around the World in 45 days. Children will explore different cultures, traditions and customs through a variety of engaging crafts and activities. Everyday, there will be specially designed activities focused on a particular country. Your children will make Japanese lanterns, bake croissants, paint carnival masks and so much more!

Children’s Oasis Nursery is going Into the Forest and will take little explorers on a journey of curiosity and wonder. Children will learn about forest animals, insects, flora and fauna. Activities include scavenger hunts, perfume making using found natural materials and creating transient natural art.

Special precautionary measures are being taken to ensure a healthy & hygienic learning environment for all children. We have planned creative ways to stay connected with friends by safely grouping children into ‘bubbles’ that will promote a healthy social and emotional environment. Each nursery is also professionally disinfected by a dedicated cleaning team prior to opening and follows a schedule of regular disinfection treatments throughout the day. Staff have been trained regarding PPE equipment and nurses screen all who enter the nursery on a daily basis.

So don’t fret about being in the UAE for the summer, because we have you covered with an array of fun activities to keep your child happy, engaged and learning! We look forward to embarking on a memorable summer adventure with you and your child.