Food & Hygiene

Food for Thought

At Kids First Group, we recognize the importance of children being provided with healthy, nutritious, and wholesome food as part of a balanced diet. Our high quality meal service, the KFG Food Program, gives parents this peace of mind.

Our menu options are rotated regularly, and we ensure meal selections have been shared with our families before they are finalized. The food we provide also reflects seasonal changes and is made with the highest quality produce. We avoid salt, artificial food coloring, flavors, additives, and adhere to a strict no nuts policy. Specific dietary requirements are always catered for.

Good eating habits are promoted from the youngest of ages, and we hope this initiative will set the pattern for a child’s future relationship with food. Our mealtimes are important and enjoyable for both practitioners and children. Sharing the same meal facilitates calm social interaction and table-top etiquette.

It’s also fun and games at KFG nurseries! A variety of organic vegetable garden activities are held with the children, and incorporated into all our programs, click here to see what other activities we offer.

Hygiene, Health & Safety

Together with Protocol Food Consultancy, Kids First Group continues to place Health, Safety and Hygiene at the forefront of our Early Childhood Education Program to ensure we are operating high quality nurseries. This program includes extensive training on International Infection Control and Health & Safety Qualifications for our team members and managers for which we will receive international certification in cooperation with the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC).

Pediatric doctors regularly visit our nurseries for Health & Wellness check-ups. Additionally, all our nurseries have qualified nurses on site and our practitioners, too, have been trained in pediatric first aid and fire safety. We take pride in the standard of hygiene and safety we uphold.