Embracing the Art of Sharing

Cultivate Generosity Early On

Initiate conversations about the essence of sharing with your young ones. Sharing, a concept we often regard as an altruistic value, should be introduced to children in a manner that aligns with their developmental stage. Forced sharing can lead to superficial compliance, masking underlying feelings of resentment. Let’s transform sharing from a mandatory task into a joyful, genuine act of kindness.

Understand Developmental Milestones

Acknowledge the natural progression of play in children. Toddlers naturally claim ownership over their immediate possessions, evolving from parallel play to more cooperative engagements as they grow. Recognizing these stages helps us tailor our approach to sharing, making it a positive and enriching experience for all involved.

Foster Patience Through Shared Resources

At the Redwood Center of Excellence, we champion the journey of sharing by thoughtfully designing our learning spaces. With key materials limited to single pieces, children learn the value of patience and the joy of anticipation. This approach ensures every child enjoys their turn, fostering concentration and a respect for communal play.

Teach Through Modeling and Respect

Leverage everyday moments to model positive sharing behaviors. Demonstrating patience and turn-taking in our interactions teaches children valuable social skills. Furthermore, respecting a child’s comfort level in sharing, especially with their most treasured belongings, instills a sense of autonomy and consideration for others.

Encourage Self-Expression and Boundaries

Empower your children to express their boundaries respectfully. Role-playing scenarios where they practice phrases like “No thank you” or “Maybe later” equips them with the language to navigate social situations confidently. This not only reinforces the concept of sharing but also respects individual preferences and limits.


By embedding these practices into our daily routines, we guide children towards becoming empathetic, generous individuals. Sharing, when nurtured correctly, blossoms into a skill that enriches our children’s social interactions and lays the groundwork for lasting, positive relationships. Let’s commit to teaching sharing as an act of love and respect, creating a more understanding and connected world for our future generations.